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Entertainment: Dickson street is great, lots ofStar Trek Captain Kirk Portrait Heather Shirt tee and good food. There is the Walton Arts Center which has top notch broadway events (musicals, plays, etc). TheatreSquared is also excellent for watching plays. The AMP (Arkansas Music Pavilion) has well known bands/artists every year. There is a Botanical Gardens. Believe it or not, we still have a drive-in theatre which plays current movies and is lots of fun. There is also a retro-arcade, bowling, skating rink, Locomotion (go karts, arcade, mini-golf), Gater Golf (mini-golf), several area Golf courses that are very nice, museums, and lots more. Outdoors: We are right next to the Ozark National Forrest, Beaver Lake, the Buffalo River, White River, Mulberry River, Devil’s Den state park, the Ozark Highlands Trail (218 miles through seven counties), caving, rock climbing, hand gliding, scuba diving in Beaver lake, and countless more to do. There is an excellent paved trail system that stretches from south of Fayetteville to the Missouri border with lots of parks and side trails along the way. Everywhere you turn there is hiking, biking, canoeing, geocaching, etc. Enough to never be bored. Community: Excellent Farmer’s Market, lots of community outreach programs, excellent public schools and some great private ones also (or so I’ve heard) Events: We also have lots of events in our area: Bikes Blues & BBQ, Joe Martin Stage Race, First Thursday (every first Thursday downtown), Fayetteville Foam Fest (Local Breweries, Food Trucks, Lots of Beer), War Eagle Crafts Fair, Block Street Block Party, NWA Naturals baseball games, Tri Sport Kid’s Triathlon, Fayetteville Roots Festival, Lights of the Ozarks, Ozark Valley Triathlon, Halloween Monster Dash, Color Vibe 5K Run, Primal Challenge.

Star Trek Captain Kirk Portrait Heather Shirt tee(Star Trek Captain Kirk Portrait Heather Shirt tee)

He is now telling us that he was wrongly briefed about what took place. Personally, I believe it’s more ofStar Trek Captain Kirk Portrait Heather Shirt tee usual bullshit, but it’s unlikely that anyone can prove he’s lying so there’s little anyone can do. When an politician takes the voters for idiots, they turn eventually. It looks like Allegra Stratton has been nominated as the fall guy in the hope of appeasing the baying mob. It’s easy to interpret her actions in the video as mocking the rest of us, but I guess having a bit of fun is a stress release. In more normal times that might be acceptable, but not when the rest of us were being ordered not to gather under threat of huge fines. The pandemic caused me some physical problems and, of late, I’ve needed to seek help from a psychotherapist, partly due to the financial hardship caused.

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