Summer time kitten Shirt

Summer time kitten


Anyone looking for a sweet baby kitten to adopt? For free ha. It seems to be my yearly post as it’s late summer kitten time. We have soooo many this Summer time kitten Shirt, and again, one is pretty small and won’t make the winter (if it even makes the week). He/she needs some big time TLC. I cannot take another in my house.

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Ladies V-neck

Now I am home look at this picture first is such a stunning beautiful girl so grown up, seems to have really happened so quickly, and Summer time kitten Shirt, isn’t that the sweetest she must just love having him, and he’s certainly enjoying her his favorite perch i bet they are adorable.

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Summer time kitten Hoodie
Summer time kitten Tank Top
Tank Top

Meet Lady Mary, she’s the mother of Summer time kitten Shirt, we fostered last summer. Fortunately our friend Elizabeth finally managed to catch her and get her spayed. She got back from the vet today and I helped transfer her to a recovery cage, the vets say she was in heat so we got there just in the nick of time. No more kittens for this cute girl ever again!

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