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The Grim Tiger Shirt

I recently got dumped so I am going to tell you how I got over him. I think most people go through the same. My ex promised me we will be forever. I thought he was the The Grim Tiger Shirt . We spent every other day together. He was obsessed with me. A week before our breakup, he starts being distant. One word replies, sometimes no replies at all. It used to be long paragraphs before sleep but it got reduced to “gn”. I just thought that it was a phase every couple goes through where the spark fizzles out but I was wrong. I would ask him to hang out and he would say he can not or he is busy. It was awful. One day I send him a funny video and he replies “ I do not think it is working out” Ouch! Just like that huh. Tried begging him to stay but nothing. I felt as if a sharp pain hit my chest. Took deep breathes and stood there in disbelief.

The Grim Tiger Shirt(The Grim Tiger Shirt)

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