Threat level midnight shirt

Threat level midnight


This Trump phenomenon is surreal. I feel like I am viewing an elaborate production of the emperor’s new clothes but missing that one child to point out that he is naked. Cruz tried but Threat level midnight shirt it is hard being a patriot these days and putting country above party and above hate. The others are just salivating about how much they will get when trump is done pilfering the coffers for he and his billionaire friends. I really want him to win so the idiots who support him can see. If only they had enough sense to see cruz would have been great.

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Our pediatrician was told that my son would put his face in plate in front of him before he ate and would finger his little cars right up to his eyes and Threat level midnight shirt he still said he didn’t have have a problem. When my this 2 year olds older brother was tested upon entering kindergarten. I asked the lady if she could do the test on my younger son. She said that if he would understand it she would try. He was sent directly to gailey eye clinic for help. We’ve been told that if my son hadn’t been put in glasses at that early age, he would have soon been blind.

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Just shows the lack of integrity on the democrats part. They are more concerned with the source of the hackers, as Threat level midnight shirt opposed to what the hackers found. They totally exposed for rigging the nomination, and they could care less. You should be thanking wikileaks for exposing this, anti semitic, racist, organization. I thought that democratic party stood against those things? Dont worry, with Hillary as the nominee, you can be sure that there is only more corruption to come.

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