Trump flag america shirt

Trump flag america


Love how fox News reports this but doesn’t mention that Trump is the one who ordered it to be raised to full staff in the first place. Every American flag in Washington remained half staffed except for the Trump flag america shirt. He also refused to take questions from the press today regarding McCain’s passing. The only reason he is lowering it again is because he feels the pressure of two prominent veteran groups and knows it’ll hurt his chances in 2020. There is absolutely nothing great about Trump’s America.

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Copied from an intelligent person folks check out the protocol first before you make your comments. The house representative flag will stay at half Mass until he is buried the Trump flag america shirt for the day of death and the day after death check out the protocol it’s in the books period before all the hate comes out.

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However, and unrelated, Trump held a grudge against McCain partly because the late senator gave the Hillary funded oppo research Steele “dossier” to Comey starting the witch Trump flag america shirt into Russian Collusion which has produced no evidence of Russian Collusion, none. If someone tried to ruin my life with a dossier of lies and didn’t ask me about them I’d be pissed too.

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