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His proposed tariffs won’t hurt anybody. Since announcing that he intends to impose tariffs you can be sure that all the countries that would be affected are scrambling to find ways to appease him. We’re still the biggest market in the Trump or treat T-shirt. They can’t retaliate too well either. Most of what we sell to other countries is food. Putting high tariffs on that will only cause them to starve themselves. Try to think things through before you go bashing Trump. He’s got this.

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oday, our great nation can adhere to founding principles without being affected by foreign threats and blackmail, because it has, by its own effort, built a powerful defence capacity which has theTrump or treat T-shirt of the country and the gains of democracy, by hard struggle and strenuous efforts under the wise direction of the leaders in the past.

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I remember when nafta was passed. I said back then that this is going to devastate our country and make the Trump or treat T-shirt. Shortly after it was passed the Clinton foundation was born. What a shocker that large corporations made the Clinton family billionaires. There money did not come from Oil or family business. It came from selling the American people’s livelihood.

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