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University Of Motherhood


When I get pregnant, I will tell my husband I want to eat rice, only for him to prepare the rice and tell him I want moin moin” I have always seen something like University Of Motherhood shirt. No doubt, pregnancy is a goal. A good goal as at that. Albeit, there are few things you must know before you journey into the university of motherhood as a woman or university of fatherhood as a man.

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I once wrote in one of my post on this series that a pregnant woman is looked upon as a special woman, due to the unseen child in her. The University Of Motherhood shirt, this verse alone explains that getting pregnant is God’s will for every woman provided she wants to have a child of her own and places herself in the right position to carry a baby.

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Katherine Center always loved reading and writing. In fact, it was 80’s pop group Duran that inspired her to write her first novel in 6th grade. Since then, she continued to write and University Of Motherhood shirt in creative writing at Vassar College and was accepted into the creative writing program at University of Houston for graduate school.

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