Vote For Cat Shirt

Vote For Cat Shirt


I love the game and these kitties are too cute. Jazz is so adorable, I just want to cuddle him. But, love Vote For Cat Shirt, they are cute and their manners are so funny when they want to be fed. Made it to level 134 thereabouts, but the levels are hard, sometimes impossible.

Vote For Cat Shirt, Hoodie, Bella Flowy Tank, Youth tee, V-neck, Sweater and Unisex, t-shirt

Vote For Cat Guys shirt
Guys shirt
Vote For Cat Ladies Tee
Ladies Tee
Vote For Cat Guys V-neck
Guys V-neck
Vote For Cat Ladies V-neck
Ladies V-neck

I loved your game until the advertisements started! I understand pop-up ads and ads that Vote For Cat Shirt or above the game screen, but being forced to watch a 30 sec ad before every level (and usually it was the same ad every time) was an instant goodbye. Too bad, I like Simon’s Cat and the game.

Best Vote For Cat Shirt

Vote For Cat Tank Top
Tank Top
Vote For Cat Hoodie

I was so addicted to the game that I was going to pay forthe ad free version but it failed. The ads got to be too much and some would even freeze the game and I would have to close and re-open it so I could keep playing. I eventually uninstalled it because the ads got so bad. I really wish this Vote For Cat Shirt the case because the game is so much fun! Hopefully bugs are fixed and I will get the game back some day.

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