What The Fire Truck Shirt

What THe Fire Truck


Ever see the fire truck in Green Acres a few times? It’s because my Grandma started a fire, forgot about it, and almost set the whole Green Acres on fire. Ever been riding behind a white truck and What The Fire Truck Shirt? It was more than likely my Grandma. Every time the doors of the food bank open, a lady’s there opening with them? That’s my Grandma. Every time you in Wal-Mart, you see a lady with red hair riding on them lil scooter things? Yep, that’ll be her too.

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What THe Fire Truck Guys shirt
Guys shirt
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Ladies Tee
What THe Fire Truck Guys V-neck
Guys V-neck
What THe Fire Truck Ladies V-neck
Ladies V-neck

The Columbus Fire Department, Engine 17, visited our elementary students today! They discussed the various things firemen/women do to help keep our community safe. They also talked about What The Fire Truck Shirt should do at home in case of a fire and what a fire safety plan is. The kids enjoyed walking through the fire truck and got to see what the fireman/woman will look like and sound like with all of their gear on. Our students had a a great time! Thanks to the Columbus fire Department for sending out Engine 17!

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What THe Fire Truck Hoodie
What THe Fire Truck Tank Top
Tank Top

I don’t know. Does it seem like these kids if asked by their parents so if Joey jumped off What The Fire Truck Shirt? They’d all answer yes. As long as they caught it on video for YouTube. Thecollective stupidity and inability to measure consequences in our youth frightens me.

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