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Yeah You Car


This mostly happens when people park their vihicles under a tree whith small leaves. The air vent intake has a drain so the water doesn’t come into you car and when it gets clogged up this happens. Be careful this doesn’t happen to your engine intake. Even though the Yeah You Car shirt would have to get sucked up through the filter, if enough water gets in there it could happen. I’ve seen it happen.

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Yeah You Car Guys Shirt
Guys shirt
Yeah You Car Ladies Tee
Ladies Tee
Yeah You Car Guys V-neck
Guys V-neck
Yeah You Car Hoodie

A hybrid is such half measure. They make them because of the inherent benefits of Yeah You Car shirt but dont put the r&d into full EV. All you need more batteries. Having two different systems, ice and electric, only complicates things and brings the baggage of ice with it.

Best Yeah You Car shirt

Yeah You Car Ladies V-neck
Ladies V-neck
Yeah You Car Tank Top
Tank Top

Get rid of that pride and live low so you can come up. That’s the only way! Yeah you see the nice cars I drive now but what you didn’t see was those two years without a car and having my mom & girl drive me around every where when I needed to go places. Ya’ll didn’t see that. Ya’ll didn’t see that Yeah You Car shirt in my apartment and I got rid of all my furniture so I was sitting on the floor.

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